Uses & Benefits

Nature’s Essentials’ Sesame Oil is 100% pure sesame oil produced from pure raw sesame seeds using a cold-pressing method which retains all its natural qualities.

As an edible oil, the Original has a mild and neutral taste suitable for all cuisine styles.

In addition to the Original we produce two toasted varieties:The Lightly Toasted and a Toasted variety both produced from toasted sesame seeds.

The Lightly Toasted is versatile and perfect for high-heat wok-style dishes, noodles, vegetable stir fry, meat and fish dishes.

The Toasted variety is known for its distinctive nutty aroma and is perfect as a flavor enhancer and finishing oil. Great as a salad dressing and for marinades.


  • Rich in polyunsaturated fats (Omega-6 fatty acids)
  • Vitamin A, E & K
  • Reduces cholesterol and heart disease
  • Powerful antioxidants – Sesamol and sesaminol eliminate body toxins.