Our Story

At Nature’s Essentials we take pride in the production of locally sourced all-natural foods that bring vitality to our communities. From farm to your home our products have been created with tender loving care.

Our production process involves directly sourcing our seeds from farming communities that support safe and environmentally friendly growing and harvesting practices. The seeds are cleansed, dried and pressed to perfection to produce the rich pure sesame oil you see.  

Our meticulous practices instill in our teams, discipline, confidence, and commitment to deliver the best products.



I was inspired by my Grandmother to nurture and create memorable experiences during our summers together.  She came from Komenda, a small fishing village by the sea near Cape Coast, Ghana. We cooked freshly caught herrings marinated in citrus, herbs, spices, and cold-pressed oils.  Think of handmade, fresh, healthy, natural, fragrant and delicious all rolled into one.  It is these memorable experiences that inspired me to develop the quality sesame oils Nature’s Essentials produces today.       

Our cold-press techniques preserve the essential vitamins and high nutritional content of our oils.  Our aromatherapy oils combine our pure nutritious carrier oils with a variety of essential oils for pure relaxation and well-being.  Our essential oils are carefully selected for their natural healing qualities to create blends of fresh mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, lavender and other spices. 

Take a well-deserved memorable break with us. Enjoy our expertly crafted oils produced for your nutrition, relaxation and for your well-being.  

We wish you harmony, peace and tranquility! 


At Nature’s Essentials quality is very important to us and we ensure this by:

  • Sourcing from certified organic or pesticide-free and non-bioengineered plant products that are sustainably harvested.
  • Utilizing a selection process that identifies high yield, high quality seeds.
  • Manufacturing high grade quality oils that are proven safe through laboratory analysis.

We monitor and log the quality of our seeds we procure from our outgrowers. From sample screenings, to comprehensive laboratory analysis, we complete a thorough program before selling our beautiful oils to you.

We hope you enjoy the quality of our products as we continue to work diligently to be your reliable supplier.


Our first priority is in supporting safe social and environmental conditions by working with communities that use subsistence farming techniques in the growing, harvesting and drying of seeds to ensure minimal impact to the environment. 

We also empower our rural women farmers by reinvesting in the continued purchase of their seeds and in their farming needs, thereby lifting entire communities out of poverty.

Our purchasing practices rely on farmers and outgrowers who each independently determine their prices and as a result guarantee fair market values for their produce. 

Our choices when sourcing seeds is always certified organic, ethically “wild harvested”, non-bioengineered, or “cultivated without chemicals” option.


Before any seeds arrive at our facilities they are inspected for stones, sand, mould and other organic matter, and if approved, they are then purchased.

Upon arrival at our facilities seeds are immediately subjected to a further quality control inspection.  They are physically inspected to ensure no further foreign elements are present.  Seeds are then stored in our warehouses in dry, clean and pest-free conditions. Facilities and grounds are continuously monitored to ensure product quality is maintained.    Production facilities are separated from warehouse facilities to eliminate potential for cross-contamination.   Our facilities are also annually inspected by the Food Drug Authority to maintain our FDA approval accreditation.

Prior to processing, seeds are cleansed and dried.  Our oil sampling and inspection techniques involve sensory tasting as well as periodic laboratory testing to confirm microbiological and physicochemical standards are continuously met.